Missing Classmates

If you know where these Classmates are please share our web address with them:
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Carla Boudoin
Jerry Brown
Michael Burns
Cynthia Byers
Michael Carder
Lawrence Cohen
Richard Coleman
Paul DeLois
Robert Dewar
Jeffrey Etchason
Jimmy Exner
James Fredrick
Donald Gentry
Patricia Hansen
Sharon Henshilwood (Kirk)
Barbara Hiser
Keith Hochreiter
Shirley Huber (O'Conner)
Edwin Jeffress
Judith Johnson
Wilma Johnson
Eugene Jones
Janice Kelly (Schnell)
David Laughlin
Arnold Mahan
Mark Mayer
Mary McMartin
Mary Merrell
Betty Myers
Peggy Ping (Berlin)
Douglas Putman
Gerald Rose
Robert Shugars
Barthena Sipes (Gillette)
Brenda Sluder (Fields-Clymer)
Douglas Speth
Harold Thompson
Dennis Wells
Bill White
Nicki Williams
Norma Williams
Vinetta Sue Wright (McDonald)

Guest Members

Ivan Albright -Deceased
Debbie Anderson
Dexter Bolin -Deceased
Kay Clark
Ruth Craig -Deceased
Carolyn Edmondson -Deceased
David Fanning
William Frye
Harold Grosskreutz -Deceased
Melba Haines -Deceased
Mrs. Hamilton
Roberta Housefield -Deceased
Greta Krause
Jack Livingston
Edith McCorkle -Deceased
Ruth Newlin -Deceased
Steve Newton
Carolyn Pickering
Howard Pike -Deceased
Melvin Rogers
Basil Sfreddo -Deceased
Quentin Shore -Deceased
Mary Slaton -Deceased
Linda Smith -Deceased
Jane Snider -Deceased (Swihart)
Donna Stone (Bolin -)
Glen Taylor
Patricia Thompson
Jane Timmerman
Grenda Watson -Deceased
Phillip Webster
Mr. Wells
Jon Yoho