Quaker Shaker

Excerpts (exactly as they were written) from the January 10, 1967 issue (Volume 26, No. 5) of the Quaker Shaker.  Co-editors were Becky Long and Kathy Slaton.



The Public Service Auditorium decorated with pine boughs, a sleigh, and a swirl of dresses in every color imaginable set the scene forth first Mistletoe Ball.  The dance was jointly sponsored by the F.H.A. and Yearbook Staff, with Jan Rosenberger and Jerry McCollum serving as chairmen of the event.

Before entering the dance everyone voted for the King and Queen candidates of their choice.  At 9:45 Jan Rosenberger announced that Sherry Ginn and Jerry McCollum had been chosen to reign over the dance.  Queen Sherry and King Jerry were crowned in red velvet crowns by last year's F.H.A president, Peggy Kellum and her escort, Jon Cave.  Sherry and Jerry then started the next dance.

Refreshments were served during the dance in the Public Service Cafeteria.  Pictures were taken of couples in an authentic sleigh, by Porter's Studio.

Music for the Ball was by the Pike Township Band which plays for many dances and similar other events.  The teachers in particular took advantage of the music, by really showing everyone how it should be done.  They executed familiar steps and those not so familiar.

All in all the evening was a success, and as everyone left they thanked a tired and worry-worn Mrs. Clark and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

P.S.  Mr. Combs wants to know how he got elected as the clean-up committee.



There are still quite a few FHA members who have not paid the fifty cents for presents for presents to the people at the nursing home in Danville.  I feel that this is very wrong because the captains of the teams had to pay this money out of their own pockets, and this is not fair to them especially around Christmas when most of us don't have four or five dollars to spend when all we have to do is pay fifty cents.  I think that since this is a responsibility of being an FHA member, those who don't pay should be dismissed from the club.

Concerned Member of FHA



QUESTION:  What is a fluke?

Rick Long:  When you drive in for a lay-up and miss it.  Right Greg?

John Inderstrodt:  I uh - just a minute and I'll look it up for you,  It's an instrument.

Bruce Haslett:  A strange happening such as a missed free throw.

Ron Lane:  A musical instrument and also Purdue at the Rose Bowl.

Dave Jackson:  Something that is in a sheep like a tapeworm.

Marvin Fischer:  A mistake.

Sally Vaughn:  A worm that is flat and gets into sheep's liver.

Beth Harris:  I don't know.  I'm kind of dumb.

Bill Leech:  Would you wait a minute.  I know - it's a worm.  Thanks Mr. Combs.

Paula Hayes:  What's a what?  Are you trying to make a fool out of me?

Randy Sims:  Something that doesn't work, I think.

Webster defines fluke:  A fluke is a leaf-like parasitic worm that infests sheep.



The Plainfield Quakers, leading all the way in the preliminary Danville game December 27, set themselves up for a chance to become the first two-year winner of the Holiday Tourney.

The Quakers never lost control of the game, outshooting the Warriors by only one basket from the field (27-26), but hitting 22 for 29 free-throws compared to Danville's 7 for 13.

By the end of the first quarter the score was 20-12, Plainfield.  The lead was consistently held throughout the game with the second, third, and fourth quarter advantages being 12, 11, and 17 points respectively.

Top scorers in the game were Don Casselman - 18, Greg Conwell - 14, Marvin Fischer - 11, and Gary Brown - 10.  The final score was 76-59, Plainfield.

The second game of the evening decided Brownsburg to be Plainfield's opponent in the playoff.  They beat Avon 82-65.


"I RESOLVE..............

Becky Long and Carol Coy - to have more blind dates this year.

Eddie Stockton - never to go out on Gail Clifford again.

Gail Clifford - never to go out on Eddie again.

Becky Willey - to go to Southport every weekend.

Ann Combs - never to have another New Year's Eve party.

Gay Pilcher - not to forget to get her cheerleading outfit again.

Linda Hayden and Debbie Rodarmel - not to lose their tickets for a ball game at Brownsburg.

Paul DeLois - to dance the Box Trot more often.

Chris Gentry - to stay home next New Year's Eve.

Mike Mathis and Sally Rees - to keep away from the moon.

Kathy DeBaun and Karen Barlow - to keep our wigs warm.

Penny Gerdts - not to HINT for Bob's ring anymore.

Sherry Ginn - never to have anymore "Scott" parties.

Dennis LaRoache - never to play army on 267 again.

Dave Petty - not to wish for such a popular sweater.

Mary Anne Hoffner - to watch for reflectors.




The sights and sounds of Christmas are over for another year, and the December 23rd performance of the Plainfield High School and Junior HIgh Choirs will be remembered as a high point of the season by all those who were able to attend.

Under the direction of Mrs. Rosemary McCart and accompanied by Kathy Robbins and Rachel Maxwell on the organ, the combined choirs sang many of the traditional carols of Christmas.  This is the second season the music department has presented this program for the public on the steps of the Public Service Building.

After caroling together at Public Service the choirs separated into smaller groups and caroled through the town of Plainfield.  The group then reassembled for a party at Mrs. McCart's house.

We hope the choirs will present this program again next year, making it a fine tradition in Plainfield with more support by the public with a much larger attendance.



The Annual 4-H Achievement and Re-registration meeting was held Friday, January 8, 1967, for the Home Economics Club.  Diane Davis gave the welcome to the parents and friends.

Tina Stapf led us in the Ritual.  Mistress of Ceremonies, Cheryl Hadley, then introduced Charles Felkner.  Mr. Felkner told us some of the new projects and further discussed the old ones.  Jana Telfer announced the presentations and awards.  The main awards given were:

          KEY CLUB - Sharon Stout


          KERR GLASS FOOD PRESERVATION - Cheryl Hadley



1.    Attend all extra-curricular activities possible.

2.    Upon returning home call up all your friends and discuss these activities, plus any other important items.

3.    Fix a small snack including all the left overs in the refrigerator and other snacks such as cookies, popcorn, and candies.  Don't forget plenty of Coke.

4.    Turn on the TV, radio, recorder, and stereo.

5.    Begin at the beginning of the book and read word for word. (Don't bother with useless notes.)

6.    To get the Abe Lincoln effect - use candlelight.

7.    If you're a girl - take a break and roll your hair.  If you're a boy - take a break and lift a few weights.

8.    Take time out for a lecture from your parents.  (That you undoubtedly don't deserve.)

9.    Since you're getting worn out with brain fatigue, lay on your bed and study.

10.  Go ahead to sleep and cram the next morning before class.



The Future Teachers of America, headed by Kathy Slaton, president; Karleen Frakes, vice-president; Brenda Trent, secretary; Judy Brown, treasurer; and with Miss Donna Stone as advisor, has been very busy devising and carrying out several new ideas.  The two main ones were a very novel initiation and a "Turn-Around Day."

At the initiation, new members dressed as their parents would have dressed when they were in school.  Karleen Frakes was the "schoolmarm."  Judy Brown was music teacher, and Brenda Trent was the art teacher.  The other old members dressed as the parents of the new members.  An actual classroom was established and class was conducted.  Everything from homemade slingshots to pigtails to knickers to bare feet were observed.  Lunch too, was a novelty with such "goodies" as a can of sardines.  It proved to be a very interesting initiation.

Turn-Around Day consisted of members of FTA taking the place of various teachers for a whole day.  Members taught at the high school, the junior-high, Brentwood, East Grade, and Van Buren.  Forty-four members participated.  They actually planned, studied, and taught lessons for the whole day.  At the close of school, all teachers in the Plainfield School System were invited to a tea sponsored by the FTA and there the teachers evaluated the skill, poise, and effectiveness in his or her class and the FTA member evaluated him or herself.  A classroom teachers meeting followed the tea.

The FTA has more planned for the 1967 school year, so be looking for more about the Future Teachers of America.


DRAMA CLUB - The traveling group. Traveling Masque, has been formed and presented their first play over the holidays.  The members are:  Mary Anne Hoffner, Ann Combs, Debbie Rodarmel, Bruce Nysewander, Carol Coy, Kathy DeBaun, Susan Whitmire, Kevin Sabo, Roland Schinbeckler, Lawrence Mills, Dave Petty, and Karen Jones.  The next Drama Club meeting will be January 25th.

SPANISH CLUB - The Spanish Club met on Jan 5th after school.  A Christmas Play was given by the Spanish III and IV classes.  A pinata (grab bag) was torn open.  The members brought cookies and candy and punch was served for refreshments.

PEP CLUB - Pep Club will meet Tuesday, January 10th at 7;30 in the gym.  All Pep Club and traveling Quaker members should be there.  Sectional time is getting near, and practice is necessary.  Anyone interested should also attend.

HONOR SOCIETY - The National Honor Society will have a meeting and pitch-in at 6:30, January 16th, in the high school cafeteria.  A very interesting speaker is planned, so all members should be present.