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•   Bonnie Estes (Collings)  9/28
•   Karleen Frakes (Cole)  8/22
•   Sara Jean (Sally) Rees  8/18
•   Rachel Maxwell (Johnson)  6/17
•   Roland Schinbeckler  6/16
•   David Petty  6/16
•   Charles Morris  6/14
•   Nicky Fowler  5/22
•   Keith Trent  4/29
•   Gene Combs -Deceased  4/20
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•   Bonnie Estes (Collings)  9/28
•   Robert Stayte  9/28
•   Willis Taylor (E)  9/28
•   Judy Case (Mize)  9/30
•   Denise Vogel  10/10
•   Loretta Burgess (Thompson)  10/12
•   Jack Skaggs  10/14
•   Daniel Frye  10/15
•   Kathy Gabosch (Howell)  10/16


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Plainfield High School
Class Of 1968

Very sad news from Linda Chappell Powell...

Some of you already know this, but my youngest daughter Ann died July 18, 2020...the day after her birthday.

We still do not know the reason of why she died. The whole thing was messed up from the start. I could not find out anything. In Tennessee the law is: Husband first, no husband, then her two older sons...Mom was at the bottom of there list. We (the family) had not seen her 2 oldest sons in years. We started searching for them and my youngest son found her ex-husband. He helped us get 'permission' from the boys and all of them contacting the coroner's office to get her body released. After the longest 5 days of my life I finally got to see my baby.

We finally got to see Ann and say our good byes (thank you Nick, Nate and Scott)...we still have to wait 8 to 12 weeks for the coroner to receive all of the results back for cause of death. We are hoping to receive her ashes soon and she will be finally in the resting place of her choice, buried in the ocean off the coast of St. Petersburg, Fl with her Father. We (the family) are trying to hang in there. Our four days in the 'lovely' (NOT even close!!) state of TN felt like 4 months!

Please say a prayer that her ashes are received in the next two weeks. I am going down to Florida next Tuesday (September 8) to help my sister pack up and sell her place in Florida. My sister Marilyn, lost her husband July 7th of this year, so we had a double whammy in a short time.

Happy Labor Day weekend.  Frankly, this whole year has been a blur.  Can't believe it's September.