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Douglas Armantrout - Born January 24, 1950 and died April 12, 2017 in Indianapolis.  No service or arrangements are known at this time but other information will be added here if it becomes available.  Doug's sister, Toni Galofaro, lives in San Diego and has been reading the memories that you are sharing about Doug.  She wanted to add her own special thoughts.  "I'll miss you but I'm sure you're in a better place.  I'm also sure you're making them laugh." 

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04/25/17 11:58 AM #9    

Daniel Frye

No matter how tough I thought my day seemed to be, Doug always brought a smile to my face from something he said, or did.  He was always in the best mood and never seened to pass up an opportunity to tell someone hello, or wink at one of the girls.   You always had it together, D'Man.

04/25/17 12:57 PM #10    

Jeffrey Jenkel

We all seem to have a good memory of Doug. Mine was in football when he wore a tee shirt under his shoulderpads and would not change it because he thought it was good luck. It turned brown and had holes.He got a rash and decided he may have to change it. We only lost one game(our last one). 

04/26/17 07:50 AM #11    

David Petty

Like a lot of us, when I think of Doug I think of laughter. He was so much fun! He really was the good hearted class clown. 


04/26/17 11:04 AM #12    

Marvin Fischer

Doug was So So funny......with a heart of gold during years at PHS!   He and Don Casselman must be dirupting heaven with their shenanigans.


04/26/17 02:47 PM #13    

Rachel Maxwell (Johnson)

Doug and I shared the exact same birthdate! Other than that, I believe we were in the same section of Government along with Charlie Nelson, Don Casselman, Mike Gumm, and maybe Bruce Gaskins, Gregg Rodgers, Raymond Veith.....who knows? The memory is cloudy.... I do remember Doug's main focus was to have fun and talk about football at every possible opportunity! May he rest in peace. 


04/26/17 06:55 PM #14    

Raymond Veith

I'm guessing the guys on the football team will remember Doug shouting his favorite rallying cry to fire up the defense.....FORT TICONDEROGA !!!! He made everyone laugh....

04/26/17 11:02 PM #15    

Loretta Burgess (Thompson)

So sorry to hear of Doug's passing. Prayers to his family.

04/27/17 01:39 PM #16    

William Smith

It is always sad to find out a former classmate has passed away. Every passing brings about nostalgic feelings and sadness. Doug was special in our group because of his energy and sharp wit. He was crazy funny. (emoscaby) sp? While I did not keep track of Doug only to hear vague stories of what might have been happening in his life he still is large in my memory...playing football with him and being in class with him make me remember and laugh when I think of him. He made high school funny. And in that respect I will never forget him. I am sad life was not more gracious to him. 

04/28/17 01:13 PM #17    

Keith Trent

I have appreciated reading everyone's comments about Doug. Just reading your names brings back so many good memories. It appears we all have the same memory of Doug: the funny, good-natured kid who always made us laugh. My specific memory was of his low, guttural, ornery laugh that in turn made me laugh. I was prompted to review the list of other classmates who have passed away and sadly, the list is just way too long. And as always, I appreciate Carol doing such a wonderful job of keeping us so informed about our classmates, even when the news isn't what we would like to hear. 

05/01/17 01:45 PM #18    

Robert Cushman

RIP Doug Armantrout!

Here is a picture of Doug from a 1964 Scout Trip to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.  Yes he really was a Boy Scout!  Doug is second row from the top, third from the right.  Perhaps you may recognize others like Dan Coe, Rick Coleman, James Scholl, Dennis Wells, Scott Robertson and his dad, Steve and Doug Armantrout and me.  I had to spend the previous winter selling a whole lot of light bulbs, door to door, to pay the $140.00 for the cost of that trip. Doesn't sound like much now, but it was a lot of money for a 14 year old kid in 1964!

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