PHS Donation

Some classmates have expressed interest in continuing our donations to the Student Assistance Fund.   Please mail any future donations to me but make the check out to Plainfield High School and on the memo line write "Student Assistance Fund".  Because of accounting, the band and some of its groups cannot be receipients of SAF funds.  All donations for Marching Band/Guard - Fall, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion/Drumline, Pep Band, Solo/Ensemble, Jazz Band must be made out to PHS Band Boosters.  I will hand deliver the checks to Christa so that they are credited to the appropriate fund and also I can keep track of the monies that our class has contributed.  Your individual donation will be recognized with a letter from the school and a document noting your contribution to a 501 (c) (3) organization which you can use for tax purposes.  My address is Carol Wendt 6933 N Park Ave  Indianapolis, IN  46220.  A reunion that just keeps on giving.  As of July 15, 2019  $94,335 has been donated to the SAF from the class of 1968...   "Unprecedented" is the word used by the PHS Superintendent, Scott Olinger.  Pat Cooney, Assistant Superintendent said that the SAF donations are the most valuable that the school receives and they are very thankful for the support our class has shown.      

September 23, 2013,  the following letter was received from Justine in recognition of our $2400 reunion donaton.  A copy was included with the photo CD that was sent to all classmates/teachers who attended the reunion.

To 1968 Plainfield High School graduates,

I would like to send a HUGE expression of gratitude and joy over the very generous donation that the class of 1968 made to the Plainfield High School Student Assistance Fund.

I have been the social worker at PHS for 25 years.  Over those years, we have encountered students impacted by family financial problems which hinders the teen from getting his or her needs met.  But for some years now, there has absolutely been an increase in the number of families struggling financially.  We don't want students to face not having their basic needs met.  We don't want teens to miss educational opportunities due to circumstances beyond their control.  Through your donations, you have become instrumental in assisting us in aiding students in need.  Just since your donation, I have had the pleasure of informing a family that their teen's band fee is covered.  This band Mom had surgery and lost full pay for a period of time; temporarily losing the ability to cover all of her child's fees.  I also took a family that is temporarily homeless and living in a motel with three children, to the grocery to assist with basic needs until they can shop on their own later this week.  That would be just a couple of examples of the many small miracles yet to unfold due to your generosity. 

Thanks so much to those that put together the reunion and all of you that donated.  Know that your prosperity is already in circulation to those in need.

With appreciation,

Justine Thompson, LCSW  PHS Student Assistance Counselor


On the anniversary date of our 45th reunion - which makes it our 46th reunion - we made a $400 donation from the class of 1968, to PHS Student Assistance Fund.

September 30, 2014

Hello friends of the 1968 PHS graduating class.

After your delivery of another generous donation to the PHS Student Assistance Fund, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your classmates.

We are approaching completion of the first quarter of this school year and already we have assisted many students with this fund.  I would like to share some examples:  Partial payment of drivers education training; Payment of a sports physical; Family athletic pass; Tuition for dual credit courses; PE uniforms; German club memebership fees; Small portion of rent for a family living in one of the local hotels.

It is helpful to know this fund is thriving and available for the needs of our growing low income population.  There are also families that simply have temporary hardships and need assistance until they are back on their feet.

Thanks so much for making this possible.

Justine Thompson, LCSW

Plainfield Student Assistance Counselor


Donations were collected from classmates in memory of Charlie Nelson who passed away on October 25, 2014.  Those donations were given to the Plainfield High School Student Assistance Fund and matched by John Anderson from the Anderson Family Fund through the Hendricks County Community Foundation.  Individual donations totaled $2810 which John so generously matched.  The following letter was sent from Justine Thompson, LCSW at Plainfield High School.


As the year comes to a close and I review the many blessings that have come along, I want to thank the class of 1968 as well as all others who joined in with their prosperous donations to Plainfield High School. I will give you some examples of how the money has been benefiting our Plainfield students and families in need.

After verifying financial need I have spent some of the funds in the following ways:

Four cap and gowns for upcoming graduates.

Assisted two siblings with their DECA state trips. The DECA program paid half and I paid half with these funds. Their mother has terminal cancer and is unable to contribute to the family income.

Met a father at the grocery store and gave him time to buy $100.00 worth of groceries while I waited and paid for them. The family is struggling and had no resources to buy food.

I purchased a large quantity of shampoo, body wash, and other necessary products for a teen and family in need.

PE uniform for a few students.

Sports physical for a young lady.

German Club membership fee for a student in need.

Mental health assessment for a student in crisis.

Payment of tuition for dual credit course for students that do not have  the financial resources to pay the $75.00 per course.

Clothing for a teen needing many items.

As you can see the needs are out there and fortunately we have been able to identify the students that are in need. We continue to watch for the needs and help wherever we can.

Thank you for helping me help others. The students and parents are so appreciative of it.

Justine Thompson, LCSW

Plainfield Student Assistance Counselor


On Friday September 25, 2015 our class presented a check for $5475 to the Plainfield High School Student Assistance Fund.  This was possible due to a $5000 anonymous donation from one of our classmates.  Justine Thompson, LCSW at PHS was stunned and in awe of our donation.  She said our donations have positively impacted student's lives and for that she is eternally grateful.   

September 28, 2015

We have served 25 students in the first 6 weeks of school. Below are some examples of students needs fulfilled by the Student Assistance Fund. I’m not sure what we did before the class of 1968 so generously assisted us.  I continue to be very grateful for every penny. It makes my job so much easier, but more importantly, I can meet the needs of students who face financial circumstances that are out of their control.  Now with your most generous donation on Friday, I can continue to meet the needs of the students you have so graciously chosen to help.

*Clothing and shoes

*Lunch account deposits on a few occasions.

*Athletic pass for a family that could not afford it and so loves to attend athletic events as a family.

*Paid soccer fees for twins that are on the soccer team and the single parent could not afford them.

*On line tuition course necessary to supplement plan for graduation (parents are addicts and student lives with a friend’s family).

*School photo package for student we have helped over her three years, single mother at poverty level.

*Color guard fees for student that loves the activity but cannot afford the fees. Mother had paid partial and we took care of the balance.

*Purchased a dual credit (college credit through high school curriculum) textbook for a few students that could not afford their books.

*Paid dual credit course tuition for a few students that would have been prohibited from taking the course due to inability to pay.

*Purchased gym uniforms for students that could not afford them.

*Paid for ½ of the fee required for an alcohol/drug course for a code of conduct violation. Student needed this opportunity to learn better choices and would miss it due to lack of funds.

With great appreciation,

Justine Thompson, LCSW

PHS Student Assistance Program

Further follow-up to our September 28, 2015 donation was received from Justine Thompson, PHS LCSW, on February 8, 2016.  Below is a list of what PHS has done with our donations.

Here is a list of what we’ve done since I last updated you on 9/28/15:

$450.00 for female student to remain in choir (we found other funds to pay the other half and her mother had paid a little.)

$449.29 for female student to remain in choir (we found other funds for the other half, and here also the family had paid what they could)

$600.00 for a female to remain in both of her choirs (we found other funds to pay the remaining $869.80, the family had paid a small amount, all that they could afford)

$500.00 for a student to remain in band (we found other funds to pay the remaining 450.00)

$100.00 for students dual credit speech book for the IU class we offer by one of our English teachers

$440.00 for male student to remain in band program

$100.00 for female student to attend the DECCA retreat weekend (mother died three months ago and finances are very tight)

$465.00 for a Vectren bill, three children in the home and no heat in the home, fees were adding up and they couldn’t catch up

$13.00 PE uniform for male student

$32.00 worth of tickets for a student that has no money and wanted to attend the dance and take a couple of friends

We continue to be blessed with the generosity of the class on '68.  We and our students appreciate everyone and all that you do. 


Justine Thompson


May 2016 - Recently, additional classmate donations to the Student Assistance Fund were given by Raymond Veith, Dan Frye and Linda Lazier.  Below is a note from Justine Thompson updating us on how these and our other donations have been used throughout the school year.

Due to the generosity of the PHS class of 1968 we have served an additional 35 students since I sent a summary on 9/28/15. It has been so nice to be able to say “why yes, we can help,” without restraint. Thank you for making this option available to our teens and families in need. Below I have listed the ways that you have been of help since last fall.

With gratitude,

Justine Thompson, LCSW

PHS Student Assistance Counselor


Dance ticket for student and her friends

Physical education uniform

Paid a Vectren gas bill so family would have heat until they could make next payment (3 children in household)

Band fees

Speech text book (for dual credit high school/college course)

Balance of book rental

Show Choir fees

Lunch account

Clinical fees for Ben Davis Area 31 course in Health Science

Key Club conference registration

Drivers Ed course for student whose family could not afford it

Cap and Gown

Truck/Trailer CDL test for Area 31 vocational course

Shoes to wear in the graduation ceremony

Hotel rent for one week so the child and parent would not be on the street


May 24, 2016

Today, Roland Schinbeckler, PHS class of 1968, donated $5000 in memory of his brother Rex, PHS grad of 1970, to the Project Lead the Way department.   Industrial Arts, now known as Project Lead the Way, was a focus for Rex when he attended Plainfield High School.  Rex continued his education at Indiana State where he earned his Masters in Industrial Arts.  He was teaching at Columbia City High School at the time of his death.  Roland's wish is that the funds inspire the Project Lead the Way students to go on to do their best in life......and know that others are pulling for them.   

Teacher, Mr. Schmitt and Project Lead the Way class.

May 27, 2016

Double inspiration - Through the Anderson Family Fund and the Hendricks County Community Foundation, our classmate, John Anderson, matched the May 2016 donations to the PHS Student Assistance Fund.  A check for $5170 was presented to Justine Thompson on Friday, May 27, 2016.  To quote Justine, "I just love you people.  Your donations continue to go above and beyond to help and care for our PHS students and their families who are in need."   

November 28, 2016

I received a wonderful note from PHS Student Assistance Counselor, Christa Detzel, LCSW, LMFT, giving an update on the funds our class has donated to the school this year.  Below are some of the highlights she included: 

The $5000 donation to the Project Lead The Way department has been used to purchase and upgrade equipment and supplies needed to offer new courses.  To date, they have purchased a couple of 3D printers.  This donation was given in memory of Rex Schinbeckler by Roland. 

The matching $5000 donation given through the Anderson Family Fund and the Hendricks County Community Foundation, by John Anderson,  has served 35 students through the Student Assistance Fund.  This fall semester the funds were utilized in a variety of ways including:

school clothes and school supplies:  lunch account deposits:  backpacks:  soccer fees for twins whose single parent could not afford:  soccer fees for 3 siblings whose family had significant medical bills:  yearbooks for involved students whose single parent (who lives below the poverty level) could not afford:  school photo package for student whose parent is on free lunch (poverty level):  paid dual credit course tuition for a couple of students and purchased dual credit textbook fees for a few students who otherwise could not afford:  paid school fees/book fees for a few students who do not live with their parents due to unhealthy/unsafe circumstances:  paid for fall band fees so that students could participate in band which is a very powerful outlet and motivator:  paid for wrestling uniform of student whose single father could not afford (poverty level).

Thanks again to the class of '68 for blessing our students and families with an option to stay involved, feel better about themselves and take advantage of academic opportunities they otherwise would miss.  You are all very very special.

December 13, 2016

Dear Carol,

I thought you would appreciate seeing/sharing this letter that I received today from a student who just received support for her winter band fees.

Since I sent the email report, there have been several large amounts distributed to students whose families are all struggling financially - 4 due to outstanding medical bills/severe health issues preventing work and 1 due to loss of work/income in a single parent home. 
The total amount for these 5 requests was $2300.  Without the generosity of the Class of '68, these students would lose the opportunity to participate in something they truly benefit from now and will impact their character for years to come.  Thank you is not enough to be certain but I will say it any way.

Happy Holidays to you all!!

Christa Detzel  LCSW, LMFT
Student Assistance Counselor
Plainfield High School
1 Red Pride Drive
Plainfield, IN 46168

 December 22, 2016

Thanks to the generosity of John Hall and Roland Schinbeckler, a $2000 donation was made to the Student Assistance Fund from PHS '68.  What a class of givers and generous souls. !!!!! 

January 31, 2017

Our classmate, John Anderson, matched the December 2016, $2000 donation through the Anderson Family Fund and the Hendricks County Community Foundation.  John, your kindness and generosity is a blessing to so many.  

February 10, 2017

Your contribution to SAF helped the student whose TY letter is below:

Thank you so much for helping me pay for this trip, it means a lot to me and my family. When Miss. Craft told me that I would have to come up with money for the trip I knew it would be difficult, and for you to help me shows me how much you guys care about the students. DECA means a lot to me and it has helped me a lot in school mentally and physically. DECA is hard, but I love the challenges that they give me. Whenever I heard my name when I was announced to go to state I was one of the happiest kids ever. It is an honor to go to DECA state. I Just want to thank you guys for funding/helping me pay for my trip. It is an honor.



Connor Paterniti

February 17, 2017

Carol Wendt donated $1000 to the PHS Band Boosters through the SAF.  Due to the tax and accounting regulations, our donations to the SAF for specific band activites can no longer be funded through our general SAF donations.  To support the following activites, checks must be made out to PHS Band Boosters.  The activites are:  Marching Band and Guard - Fall, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion/Drumline, Pep Band, Solo/Ensemble, Jazz Band.

May 30, 2017

Christa Detzel sent the following summary of how our donations were used for the second half of the school year. Please know that your generosity continues to bless many PHS students and families.

 Since December, the fund has been used to assist an additional 17 students for a total of 52 students this year.  Additional requests this spring included the following:

Several yearbooks for students whose parent could not afford them

Show Choir fees for 2 students whose families are in severe financial stress (both on free lunch program) – both 21st Century Scholars

Lunch account for students on reduced lunch whose parents were in financial hardship and could not even afford the reduced amount

Paid for book for online course for 2 students – 21st Century Scholars


Clothing for 3 students who had outgrown shoes and needed weather appropriate clothes – all on free/reduced lunch program

DEKA registration fee for state competition – student qualified and parents could not afford the fee – free lunch program

Softball team supplies for freshmen with significant family issues involving CPS – she made JV team and earned all A’s and B’s this year – 21st Century Scholar

Gas for vehicle so student could go to Dr. appointments for medical condition affecting joints – 21st Century Scholar

Book rental fee so student could graduate – parents had not re-enrolled her in free lunch program even though they qualified

Prom tickets/after prom for students in good standing who could not attend otherwise

Paid fee for bankruptcy lawyer to avoid homelessness for a student and her single parent mother – 21st Century Scholar

The fund set up specifically for Band students was utilized for 2 students to pay their fees for this year at $500 each

The generosity of the Class of ’68 has made it possible for me to help these students and their families during financial hardship which greatly reduces the stress felt by the student and in most cases, the parents as well.  When I am able to tell a student that they will be able to participate, or I can help them get something they truly need or something that will better their situation due to the generous support of you all, the response is almost always tearful and ALWAYS one of gratitude.  While you may not hear it enough, please be assured, your generosity does NOT go unnoticed.  I’m just the lucky one who sees the reaction firsthand.  Thank you again for all that you have done and continue to do!


Christa Detzel  LCSW, LMFT

Student Assistance Counselor

Plainfield High School

1 Red Pride Drive

Plainfield, IN 46168


December 23, 2017

(A total of $16,300 was given in memory of Pam Hall.  Below is an email from the school.  Along with John Hall the donors were John Anderson with the Anderson Family Fund through the HCCF, Linda Hayden Shockley, Janet Krampe Grube, Cheryl Hadley Moles, Rachel Maxwell Johnson, Roland Schinbeckler, Randy Sims, Keith Trent, Raymond Veith and Carol Wendt)

Good Morning Carol and Class of ’68!

I wanted to send you a summary of the past 5 months for the use of the Student Assistance Fund here at Plainfield High School.  None of this would have been possible without the generosity of all the donations from the Class of ’68.  We are so blessed to have your support for our students and their families.

Please note that before any of the funds are approved, I personally interview the student and parent/guardian to insure the validity of the need – the stories vary from single parent homes where the guardians are doing everything in their power just to keep on top of household bills, to overwhelming financial stress from medical issues, to short term loss of job or simply the student has no financial support to participate in any of the sports/activities that PHS has to offer unless they can earn the money themselves which can often be difficult on top of academics and practice/meeting schedules if they are involved in a sport/activity.

Since August 2017, the fund was used to make the following possible:

Sports equipment for soccer – practice apparel

Sports Pass for family so that they could afford to watch their son/brother perform in the marching band

Dance tickets for Homecoming

Book Rental for a class through Ivy Tech

Yearbooks for seniors

Class supplies

New shoes – 5 different students

Fall/Winter clothing – 6 different students

Cheer fees

Leadership Camp fee

Sports physicals

Utility bills to avoid homelessness - serious illness of parent

Robotics club fees

Lunch Accounts – now, as of 12/15/2017, thanks to the donations made in the memory of Pam Hall, we have set up a permanent account that can be accessed by the cafeteria staff for students who otherwise would go without breakfast and/or lunch.

If you have any need of additional information regarding any of the uses of the fund, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you all again for your ongoing support of our students here at PHS!!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Christa Detzel  LCSW, LMFT

Student Assistance Counselor

Plainfield High School

1 Red Pride Drive

Plainfield, IN 46168


The following is a note received by one of the students that was helped:



April 6, 2018

Roland Schinbeckler generously donated $4335 to the SAF which brings the total contributions to $50K from our class. A wonderful 50th reunion milestone.  

April 13, 2018

John Anderson through the HCCF and the Anderson Family Fund matched the $4335 donation.  The generous matching contributions continue to further help those at home who are in need.     

April 27, 2018

Carol Wendt donated $5K to the SAF in memory of her brother, Mark, (PHS '75} who passed away 10 years ago.  He loved his PHS days and I can't think of a better way to honor his memory.

May 11, 2018

John Anderson through the HCCF and the Anderson Family Fund matched the $5K donantion.  John's generosity knows no bounds.  What a blessing.

June 1, 2018

Hello Carol and Class of '68,

Wow!!  What an amazing year!  The generosity of the Class of '68 has left me truly overwhelmed and feeling more blessed than I can describe.  So thankful to be in a position where I can help those students and families in need.  What you have made possible for some of these students and families will change their lives.  I have attached copies of thank you notes received.  There have also been several instances of verbal gratitude shared with me from both students and parents.

Since January 2018, the fund was used to make the following possible:

Clothing - Largest expense by far... including new shoes for student who had nothing but sandals to wear to school and most notably, an 18 y.o. female student who was abandoned by her mother over Christmas vacation with literally nothing but the clothes on her back.  Thanks to you all, I was able to assist her in purchasing clothes for school, her athletics and for summer.  She has been connected now to a strong support system where she is attending college in the fall and has a job for the summer while staying with another Plainfield family until she leaves for school.

Electric and gas bills for family that incurred significant medical bills when mother had seizure and lapsed into a coma in order to avoid shut off of utilities.

Letter jacket for 4 year marching band student whose parent is fighting cancer and due to medical bills could not afford this for her student.

Various textbook fees/college tuition fees for top students who could not afford even the discounted rate due to various family hardships.

Sports physicals for athletes

Prom tickets


Band fees for twin girls of single parent for next fall (parent is making a partial payment).  They will be 10th graders and the one girl was just named the Drum Major for next year - both are straight A students.

And a new endeavor has just started going into the summer - I have arranged to use the fund to cover out of pocket expenses for mental health counseling for one of the students that I met with regularly through the school year for anxiety and depression.  Single parent home - have insurance but due to extensive medical issues the student has in addition to her mental health issues, counseling/therapy was not the priority.  the student and parent were over joyed to receive this assistance.  Hope to have an update next school year.  Please note - I also vetted the therapist that they are going to see.  She is a local licensed professional with an outstanding reputation among our families.

'Thank you' seems quite insufficient but please know it is sincere,



Christa Detzel  LCSW, LMFT

Student Assistance Counselor

Plainfield High School

1 Red Pride Drive

Plainfield, IN 46168



To Whom It May Concern,

                I would like to begin to say that I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to enroll in a psychology course at Plainfield High School, but am even more thankful that I am now getting the chance to participate in the course as effect of your donation. Without your donation, I would not be able to complete the assignments required for the course, and would not be able to further my knowledge within this subject – hindering my ability to pursue business as a major for my college education. I am unable to come up with a way to say thank you, because no words can express the gratitude I have for your generosity.


                                                                                                Thank You,

                                                                                                                Sophie, Class of 2019



The following letters were received from 4 Band/Percussion students who benefited from the generosity of the Class of ’68.  


To whom this may concern,

This year has been quite difficult for my family and I. We are so grateful that you were able and willing to do this. Drumline is my escape from stress, school, family, and money issues. It is where I get to spend time with the people that love without feeling like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I couldn't imagine not being able to do this, so thank you for doing this for my family and I. I won't forget how appreciative I am for this and hopefully one day I will be able to do this for someone else. My family and I are so thankful for you and everything you have done for us. It is greatly appreciated.


Caroline Daily


To Whom It May Concern,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support with my drum line payment!  A lot has happened lately with my family and I have really needed help.  There is simply no way we could have made all of the payments without your help.  Your kindness has really helped with the costs and all. Thank you so much again and take care! 


Elizabeth Dostin


To whom it may concern,

Thank you.

My family has always been low on money with two people feeding a household of five. Winter Percussion means so much me, but its extremely difficulty to afford for us.  I would be a different person if it weren't for the people I have met in winter percussion and even band in general.  This activity has truly changed my life, and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!


Wilson Brummett


To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you so, so much for the donation! The money helps a lot with everything. You are very generous to donate to the band, and I am extremely grateful to you. Band is everything to me and I was not sure if my family would have been able to pay for me to continue. But your donation has granted me the chance to continue with the drumline and practice making and learning about music. 

You are very kind, and I don't think I could possibly thank you enough for what you have done for me and the Band. I am proud to have someone like you there to support us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Kelsey Freeman



June 2018 - At the request of Superintendent, Scott Olinger, the class of 1968 was included in the June PHS mailer that is sent to all Guilford Township homes.  Sabrina Kapp, PHS Communications Director, wrote the following article: 


September 27, 2018

During this month $7K was donated to the SAF from an anonymous donor and a match was made by the Anderson Family Fund from the Hendricks County Community Foundation.  Per Christa Detzel, "kids and their families are being helped in multiple ways with the most generous donations of the class of 1968."

Ocotober 5, 2018

Our 50th class reunion generated a donation of $3000 to the SAF.  All classmates and teachers made a contribution through their purchase of a raffle ticket and/or a personal donation.  Those who made personal donations are Stanley Walton - raffle winner who graciously donated his 50% back to the SAF and Strides:  Paula Hayes Jines for her personal donation:  Judy Case Mize and her husband, Dave who gave a personal donation, Dan Slaton (Karin's registration), Debbie McCollum Asher (illness prevented her from attending) but she split her registration fee between SAF/Strides,  Raymond Veith (couldn't attend) and split his registration fee between SAF/Strides, John Hall for his personal donation, classmates' donation to Carol Wendt that was split between SAF/Strides, Brittany Hope, our DJ who split her fee between SAF/Strides, and to Ann Dohogne Jaimet who had registered for the reunion and had asked Carol to use her registration  fee to help SAF/Strides in the event she couldn't attend the reunion.  Our contributions to the SAF started 5 years ago with our 45th reunion and the generosity of our class never ceases to amaze the school. Today I was told by Pat Cooney, Assistant Superintendent, former Principal of the Middle School that the SAF donations are more valuable than any donations the school receives and they are most thankful for our continued support and unprecedented gifts.  

December 12, 2018

Charlie and Beth (Harris) Morris donated $500 to the SAF in memory of Beth's Mother, Patsy Harris PHS'46.

Decenber 14, 2018

The Anderson Family Fund donated $4K to the SAF as a match to the 4th quarter donations which were made by our class on October 5th and December 12th.  

December 19, 2018

Here's a summary of the uses of the class fund so far this year and I've attached a few thank you notes as well.  The Office documents are anonymous bc they are from students in mental health counseling.

So far the funds have provided for:

Health screening/physicals/eye exam

Clothing needs for 6 different students

Lunch accounts

Band fees for 5 students

Choir fees for 2 students

Tuition for AP class

Tuition for Driver's Education

The newest expenditure for first semester has been for Mental Health Counseling.  We are currently assisting 5 families with much needed financial support in this area.  In four of the five cases, the student has already made significant progress (see thank you notes from 2)

Once again - we cannot thank you enough for your support of our youth and their families - it is greatly appreciated even though it is not always directly shared with you - I assure you  every student and parent that has been helped has been truly grateful for the support they have received.

God Bless,

Christa Detzel, LCSW, LMFT

From two who are in Mental Health Counseling....  

Thank you so much for helping me find a way to pay for my counseling session.  Therapy has helped me find different ways to cope and apply somethings in the real world.  I have even become more open with my parents.  I have so much more confidence in finding a way to live and go through life with hope and be more healthy.

Again, thank you I truly appreciate it.


Thank You

The gift of therapy is so much more profound and undoubtedly more valuable than it appears at first glance.

Being able to attend therapy for the first time in my life has unveiled a deeper understanding across multiple fronts. Throughout my life, I have needed professional help and have not been able to receive it for various reasons, but thanks to you, I am consistently making progress and improving myself.

Therapy, for me, isn’t just talking to someone once a week. Reflecting on what I have experienced so far,, it amasses a significance much greater.

Therapy is validation. It has reinforced my self-confidence and reminded me that my faults are only a part of me. Self-doubt can be extremely damaging, and just having someone to remind us that we are enough, that we are not crazy, and that we are doing our best alleviates so much.

Therapy is learning. I read somewhere recently that therapists are, in a way, just common sense filters. It’s pretty spot on. I have a tendency to overthink, and my therapist is constantly showing me new ways to deal with it. So many realizations have happened for me that complete the puzzles and reveal new understandings. Thanks to you, I am slowly (but surely) beginning to learn who I am. Knowledge is power, and that most definitely extends to self-awareness.

Therapy is comfort. There are times at which all we need is to be heard. Having someone to simply sit with us and listen intently can be so empowering and calming.  Every day, life moves so quickly and expects us to keep up. Therapy provides a hiatus from the chaos, an opportunity to focus, observe, and improve.

The list goes on. Similarly, my gratitude grows exponentially with each new opportunity,realization, and outlook that I discover in therapy. Please be assured that your contribution does not go unappreciated. I look forward to every appointment, every conversation, and every breakthrough. I can speak on behalf of my family to assure you that they are grateful, as well. I’m sure that I am generally much more pleasant to be around these days. Furthermore, my teachers have acknowledged significant improvements in my schoolwork and perseverance. Having a time every week that only focuses on my mental health means that I can confidently spend more time throughout the week on other priorities. The resolutions and healthy habits that are formed there benefit the same purpose. My life has gained so much clarity and positive progress thanks to you. As hard as I try, I cannot truly express how thankful I am for this opportunity. Despite this, I can guarantee that I will continue to put in effort and push for progress in my therapy. You have my unending thanks and appreciation.

From not just myself but from the plethora of people around me who have benefitted from this gift, thank you.


December 20, 2018

Christa sent the following note today....

Dear Donor,

Thank you so much for helping me and my family. I can't express my gratitude in words. we were being piled in bill after bill but now we are finally getting a dent in to them. I'm also finally getting better. I can feel things again, everything is just so vibrant now. you have changed my life in the best way possible. I wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for you thank you.


9th Grader at Plainfield High School

December 26, 2018

Linda Hayden Shockley generously donated $500 to the SAF to support the PHS students and their families in need.  

January 11, 2019

Christa sent the following note today...


January 21, 2019

Thank you notes received from Christa...

Dear Plainfield High School,

Thank you so much for your generous help!  As a member of both Femme Fatales and Belles et Beaus, I have a hefty fee to pay along with everyone else & however, with the additional fee this medical year has brought my family, I was unsure how we were going to pay for it all.  You have taken a burden off my parents and my back as well as allowed me a peace of mind on stage.  Show choir is one of my largest passions and has seen me through my last four years of high school faithfully.  It gives me a place to unwind and gives me another reason to give my all to my education.  I also have made most of my friends and connections through the program, so I couldn't imagine my last year here without these wonderful people at my side.  You have no idea how much your generosity is appreciated.  Thank you again from my family and myself.

God Bless,

Audrey Kline


Dear PHS,

I am writing this letter to say thank you for helping my family pay for our choir fees.  I know how much my family spends on medical expenses and this means very much to us.  I can not say thank you enough.




February 8, 2019

In memory of the classmates that we have lost way too soon, a $1500 donation was given to the SAF by Carol.


April 5, 2019

John Anderson through the HCCF and the Anderson Family Fund donated $3K as a match of our 2019 first quarter donations to the SAF.  Blessings continue for all students and their families of PHS who are in need.  

June 5, 2019

Here's the summary of the Class of '68 funds for the second semester of the 2018- 2019 school year:

As usual the funds have provided for 

Health screening/physicals/dental

Clothing needs for 3 different students

Lunch accounts

Band/Winter Guard fees for 5 students

Choir fees for 1 student

Tuition for AP classes for 3 students and Book fees for 3 students

Tuition for Driver's Education class over the summer

In addition to the usual:

Provided assistance for work clothes and personal hygiene supplies for 2 18 year olds who were asked to leave their homes after their birthdays - housing was taken care of through other adults.

Provided significant food, clothing and rent/utilities assistance to an 18 y.o. transfer student abandoned here by mother and step-father and trying to remain here with 20 y.o. brother.

We also helped a single father with childcare through the YMCA camp program by funding his 3 children over the summer months.  

We are now assisting 12 families to pay for Outpatient Mental Health services and that assistance is continuing through the summer months.  We had 2 graduates who will be completing their counseling at the end of June.  

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the ongoing support of the Class of '68 to our students and their families. 


God Bless,

Christa Detzel  LCSW, LMFT


July 15, 2019

John Anderson through the Anderson Family Fund/Hendricks County Community Foundation and Roland Schinbeckler made a combined donation of $4500 to the PHS.Student Assistance Fund.  When presented to the PHS Treasurer, she said no words can express how this donation will impact the lives of the kids in need.  Blessings and thanks to John and Roland.